The Best Things to do in Dublin

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While we think every trip to Dublin should start with a visit to EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, we know there's plenty of other great things to do, see, hear, eat and drink in Dublin!

Plan your trip to Dublin with our insider's guide to the best things to in Dublin! Discover the best attractions and museums to visit, the tastiest places to eat, the coolest hangout spots, and those new and upcoming hidden gems that will make your trip to our fair city live in the memory. 

Dublin's most popular attractions

Dublin is Ireland's largest city and has served as it's capital for centuries. It's rich in history and culture that can still be glimpsed today, be it in the architecture of our grandest buildings, to the many cosy nooks of the great pubs that dot the city. It's also seen in the works of our great artists - writers, poets, dramatists, musicians - and Dublin has a huge amount of venues and theatres where you can enjoy the fruits of their labours. There's also plenty for those who prefer more adventurous thrills to enjoy, from sea to mountains Dublin has the great outdoors right on its doorstep.  

The city is yours to explore and enjoy in so many ways!

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Best Museums in Dublin

Ireland is a land rich in history and culture. At EPIC we show how important these traditions were to those who left Ireland to begin new lives abroad.

Dublin is filled to the brim with other great museums, galleries and cultural activities to keep the keenest of culture-vultures contented. 

From fine art be classical masters, to iconic artefacts from Ireland's Celtic past, Dublin's museum contain a treasure-trove of knowledge that give you a better understanding of Irish history, culture and traditions.

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Things to do in Dublin's Docklands

Dublin's Docklands have played a major part in the history and story of Dublin over the centuries. They've always been the city's economic heart, and and continue to do so today, with many of the world's leading tech companies based in the area.

It's not all work though, and in fact the area contains some of the city's best entertainment venues,  exquisite restaurants and glamorous bars. You can also still find parts of its glorious past peeping through amongst the modern glass facades along the river bank.

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Hidden Gems in Dublin

There's always something surprising waiting to be found amongst the streets of Dublin - even for locals! Her twisting and winding streets can offer up hidden splendors in so many ways. From architectural wonders, unique curios and secret histories, Dublin's streets have something to entice everyone, and welcome them in. We've drawn together our favourite places, and have unselfishly decided to share them with you!

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